Liveleak Viral Videos Compilation – February 9 – February 16, 2019

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The top popular viral videos on Liveleak for the week of February 9 to 16th, 2019.


The Law Of Five says:

Edited and Re-uploaded due to content strike…. What was your favorite clip this week?

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Luke Goodman says:

15:50 Did they seriously use hydrogen?? I assume that's what that was judging by the earsplitting bang/literal balls of fire combo. Either way, one hell of a chain reaction.

Joshie says:

After seeing some of these clips I will never again moan about the health and safety rules and laws that we have in the UK.

Bruce Borello says:

15:23 Liberal snowflake demanding entitlement among other liberals? Does not work that way sweet heart .

flyinthebug35 says:

19:15 not if you keep crying like a little bitch you wont lol

Jody Mitoma the Entrepreneur says:

Holy shit, the tires on that last Jeep though. πŸ”₯

Haylee Asmr says:

This makes me scared to do anything

Carlos Vasquez says:

To the "law of five" people , maybe you can make live leak videos of themes , like car crashes refered , motorcycles , planes , broken bones and so on. please…………..

I RaNgO I says:

52:05 putting you're child at risk just to get the perfect shot

No Body says:

14:52 When you have equality but demand special treatment.

And What says:

1.50 The man just stands there not calling for HELP after seeing BLOOD ?? SEE WHAT THEY DO FOR VIEWS

worship the father only says:

what kind of idiot does 50 mph in the snow?

Mario X says:

15:10 what a disturbed psychitic fucking bitch. She should realy have a good old time beating with a baseball bad, sick bitch

Matt says:

Chubby little crybaby is going to have a tough time getting a gf. Time to tighten up

Andre Anukhin says:

Guy at 24:35 funny af

Andre Anukhin says:

What was with the 911 call? What happened?

Andre Anukhin says:

those are teslas

Energy Zone says:

the thing in the shop -fuckin refo grab a stick and give it a beating its fuckin phsychotic !!!

J Cole says:

7:32 lol that’s what I love to see. Fucking assholes. Rather they kill them selves than someone else.

Brandation2015 says:

I never wish death up anybody or try reason somebody’s death but come on first dude some common sense it’s solid ice what did he think was going to happen ?

NoName Available says:

0:35 natural selection strikes back again

Mr. Hilter says:

21 mins … Glorious..

Cathryn Bruce says:

What's happening in what appears to be a hotel? Staff mutiny or something??

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