10 Viral Videos Debunked

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There’s more to these videos than meets the eye… Here are 10 Viral Videos Debunked!

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stephen mallinson says:

I don't believe a lot of things unless I see them with my eyes (not videos)
I will say that after 9/11 Some of my Muslim friends came to see me on the day it happened They were very happy about the attack and people were dancing n chanting on the streets of Bradford west Yorkshire They then told me not to worry because when they took over UK I would be OK I moved not long after to another town My point is I know this happened because I was not only there but my "friends" told me the Wests days were numbered Britain First are clowns though for putting the obvious fake video out


Bum head!!!

Mr gta kin says:

He wanted to end twerking by making a twerking video that makes no sense he is American what do you expect

Matthew New says:

I wish jimmy did get rid of twerking

_ Ourumav’s Briefcase _ says:

Haha “far” right group lol

Peter Fetherston says:

so make a fake video and get rich, sounds like a plan

Brian Burnett says:

Why didn't you show most of these so called videos? Very disappointing and boring.

Misfit Graves says:

The girl who called the impersonator Donald a diagrace,meant the asshole impersonating him.That girl is obviously a patriot.Significant portion of the us my ass.The left lunatics are dwindling by the day.As the Democrats go farther left to socialisim,communisim,and beyond.we are winning souls everyday.People dont want to stand for evil,democratic elite.They want good people who stand for us,The greatest president Donald Trump.God bless Donald Trump,and God bless the US.

Memewhale says:

you’d think someone like kobe would have a better camera then hmm

Alphabet Soup says:

Viral videos are complete garbage.

chief lucifer63 says:

ppl are so stupid to fall for the same thing repeatedly. after 911 western media showed video of middle eastern ppl celebrating & then again after the paris attacks. racist are so dumb & gullible.

Snootchie Bootchie Nootchie says:

MARTIAN YOUR THE BEST I LOOOVE ALLTIME CONSPIRACIES you rock love seeing you Robin and Alex as hosts

Shane Miner says:

With the big fish clip you should have shown the one from Monty Python

Susan Robinson says:

Umm…for the last one, what was the boyfriend's "hilarious reaction"?

Mr Riley says:

Having a kid being taken away. Just have a million dollar policy on them. That will keep them safe. And have not everyone seen the little rat b******'s the new parent are producing. What person would want one of them. Nothing but trouble coming from them. So stop with the fake videos of kids being take by people and animals. Nothing wants the next generation of kids I am sure of that. Now if you are Offended by what I say. Go to the Middle East And explain your problems to them.

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