TRY NOT TO LAUGH – We Saw These Fails Coming!

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We’re back at it again with another fail video coming your way! Make sure to hit that like that button if you enjoyed the video and please subscribe! Thanks and we’ll see you soon with a special halloween video!

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Sam Utz says:

Bro,so funny

Lorena Duanes says:

i liked the last one

Jimmy Ngo says:

0:52 you aren't allowed to do that in UNO when someone wins its done

Zoen Aldueza says:

0:46 -I hate you (hahaha)

Video OR says:

Do you like to laugh ??

Like it

くんアリア says:

0:44 uno legend

Jaylanica Norbert says:


Kalina Batchelor says:

My fav was uno one

Sly Fox says:

Where you goin Tommy?

Michael Barefield says:

It’s almost fascinating as to how not funny this is

Gabriel Ochoa says:

The backflip

noob kid god says:

The cat one is HUGE CRINGE

noob kid god says:

Trash not funny

Julie says:

Why do you think this all of people getting hurt is funny? One biker's hand was bleeding a lot!

yannis gouras says:

I almost feel bad for laughing at 13:00………….almost

Danielle Weekes says:


Marlon Kruger says:

13:29 is the funniest

m&m _kanal says:

it wasn't funny like all the others i didn't even smile on one or laugh


7:19 lol i cant stop laughing he was laughing at her and then he fell

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