TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Fails Video 2019 – He Almost Got It – Life Awesome

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Fails Video 2019 – He Almost Got It – Life Awesome

Heads up, folks. You’re about to watch some craziest fails video on the internet.
Welcome back to Life Awesome, where you can find the best, the funniest fail videos in the world. This video will contain some funny videos 2019 from AFV. Enjoy the video, and comment what you like the most. Life Awesome loves you.

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Ceeka Peeka says:

I am surprised that I am not on here

funny clips says:


Melissa Nataren says:

this is the funny thing iv seen

Damianek Żukowski says:

Oh my god i did it i done it i not laugh! GG

ThunderStruck Boys says:

4:33 cowboy flip in real life

Mary Henderson says:

I did not laugh


3:17 that laughs tho

Wutdahellboi says:

Nothning here is funny its just people hurting themselves how is that funny

Scam train says:

What is funny on this stupid video

Rere32 says:

Title of this should be: Try to laugh

Faizal Matin show says:

0:43 The time i realise i was overweight

The Cherry Girls says:

I'm not depressed anymore

Cody Sanders says:

9:22 the scream gets me every time 😭🤣🤣

Glenn says:

I couldn’t even finish watching this dum ass video !!! Why they hitting kids w the ball hard ?!?!!!! Whoever doing that needs to go to mental hospital!!!

Glenn says:

Hitting a toddler w a ball. Making her fall off a table and possibly causing permanent injury for a “funny video” Go to hell whoever did that.

1KroniC Jim says:

I smell penniesssssss

Awesome Artie says:

It’s 2019 and people still ride hover boards?!

Michael diaz says:

I did laugh but not one

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