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Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad!

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Never seen on TV! Ronald McDonald"e;s latest advert ends tragically..

Young lady with NO PANTS Does Field Sobriety Test - Police Dash-cam viral video

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Police dash-cam video shows a cop giving a young lady with no pants a field sobriety test over and over. She is wearing a long shirt though to cover herself.

13 Scariest Things Caught on Dashcam

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Narrated by: ChillsWritten by: Kyler RichmanEdited by: Huba Áron CsapóIntro by: Jacob SnarrSources: MacLeod ( (

Hilarious dutch commercial!!! OMG

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Relational therapy; How to fix your marriage!Crazy dutch commercial. Very funny!

We bought the wrong horse! Hilarious insurance commercial...

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Hilarious commercial, well, that"e;s what i though :DMafia buy "e;worlds best"e; racing horse for half their money, then bet the rest of their money on the race...lets see what happens?